Skill: Charity

Charity Volunteer Work by Freelance Graphic Designer by Zoe Moncaster at ZoeByDesign Ltd

Branding - EcoSwap - Graphic Design by Zoe Moncaster at ZoeByDesign

Eco Swap

[envira-gallery id="1152"] With the aim of helping a start-up charity, I found EcoSwap, who had an idea to enable a local community in Southern England to reduce plastic and textile waste. I wanted to take the variety of colour in plastic waste and turn it around into a positive, creating a ... Read More

Editorial - Together Magazine - Graphic Design by Zoe Moncaster at ZoeByDesign

Editorial Magazine

[envira-gallery id="1149"] The charity Chai Cancer Care publish an annual magazine with articles on the latest cancer research and development, fundraising events and interview with cancer survivors. Having worked with the chairman at Chai previously, they entrusted me in designing the ... Read More

Oxfam Charity Graphic Design Branding - Graphic Design by Zoe Moncaster at ZoeByDesign

Oxfam – Volunteer Work

[envira-gallery id="844"] Work is created on an ad-hoc basis to help a Bristol Oxfam store with non-generic & location-specific marketing materials. One of the volunteer recruitment flyers was particularly successful, so I created an editable PDF which could be used by other stores for ... Read More